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About Bashfamily.org

This is the internet home of Jim & Marty Bash of Chicago and Loda, Illinois.


Jim & Marty hope to travel soon and use this site for pics and trails of our RV travels, info on our marine reef aquaria, pics of grandkids, Jim's GIS activities and who knows what else!

On May 14th 2005 we bought a used truck and truck camper from a nice couple in Elkhart, IN, whose teenage boys have grown to big for this camper. It is old (1971!) but in pretty good shape, and has lots of room for us and, hopefully, Forrest (9) and Sammi (7). Inside is a big bed over the cab of the truck, two couches (which can be made into beds) on either side of a large table, a wet bath (typical in RV's -- taking a shower gets the toilet and sink wet), a four-burner stove, refrigerator, double sink, oven, microwave, and miscellaneous closets, drawers and storage spaces. The truck is a '97 Ford F250 diesel with 4-wheel drive, so we can explore those off roads that have always called to us! It's noisy, but has only 33K miles on it, gets good mileage, and should last a long time. It has an extended cab and can seat six.


Marty loves retirement! Her job ended in February of 2004 and she decided not to look for another. After a couple of months of doing only what she wanted to do, she got bored and started volunteering at the Shedd Aquarium and Woman Made Gallery (www.womanmade.org). These keep her almost as busy as when she was working! She will have to cut back on something in order to travel.


With the demise of the Geography Department at UIC and the current lull in any geography program there, Jim is ready to retire June 30th 2005. Since UIC (unlike UIUC) does not let retirees retain their email accounts, this site will include his main email address.


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